Kristen Crowley
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Hey there, I’m Kristen Crowley…

Owner of KC Media, Founder of the WELLFITsocial, News Anchor, TV & Event Host, Mother, Military Wife, Spokesperson, Fitness Model, Cook, Bartender, Animal Nut… let’s just say I’m a “live-life-to-the-fullest” kind of chick! LOL

So, welcome to my crazy life! My goal is to share with you the three things I pursue with passion everyday:

Fitness, Nutrition & Community!


2019 WellFit Social is Now LIVE!


Get ready to be a part of the first premier networking event for health + wellness + fitness in Hampton Roads! Our first event SOLD OUT and we are ready to do it again in January!

Live Your Best Life!

Join (me) KC on my Blog | Always On!

There you will find tips for a healthy lifestyle, fitness inspiration, meals (even your kiddos will like), motivation & more!


Kristen Crowley Live… Always ON!

Always on….. What does that mean? Discover how I learned to juggle: 19 hour days, motherhood, homework, time at the gym, cooking healthy meals… cooking?! It was not easy but it is doable! 


How to build a home gym for less with these 5 top picks!

Let’s face it. Most days we can barely find time to shower let alone make it to the gym. Here is my list of FIVE MUST HAVES for anyone looking to fit in a quick home workout and stay on track for 2019!


Meal prep 101, set yourself up for success!

The kitchen can be an intimidating space. I worked in the restaurant business for 15 years and have seen it all! I also learned a thing or two about time management….


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