Meal Prep Basics - How To Setup + Best Containers

Here we go! Meal Prep breakdown! Here are the keys to conquering the fastest meal prep times and the best containers to use. I typically spend approximately 60 minutes prepping meals for the week! That is Breakfast, Snacks and Lunch people! I go over the whole tutorial live HERE on YouTube so you can watch what I am doing visually step by step!

The key to success? Get everything out on the counter BEFORE you start.

Step by Step Guideline

Step One: Place ALL containers open on the counter for the number of meals and snacks you plan to prepare. Plus get out all pans, baking sheets and tins. Place oils and pan liners in. Preheat the oven.

Step Two: Lay out ALL of your food. Proteins, veggies and starches you plan to cook + chop.

Step Three: Protein goes on first. You can chop and cook veggies after the proteins go in. Start the veggies in the final 10 minutes of the meat cook time.

Step Four: Section out any dressing, dips into smaller containers.

Step Five: Stop cooking veggies and fish BEFORE they are to your liking. They will cook up more when you reheat. Check on them a few minutes prior to normal cook time.

Step Six: Place food in the containers and you are done!

HINT: Save juices from pans to pour over proteins to keep them juicy when reheated!

It really makes a HUGE difference when you have everything out and you can see what you have. Set your timer on for your meat and work your way down to the fastest cook time item. Visually seeing all of your food saves you from running to the fridge or pantry. Those couple of minutes every time you go to look for something add up quick. This includes seasonings! Lay it out there!

The Best Containers To Use!

Invest in GOOD containers! I recommend Glass containers. They have great deals on amazon, you can get them divided or just rectangular. Glass containers cost more initially BUT they last WAY longer, reheat better and do not stain. Don’t forget they are more eco friendly and don’t leach any chemicals into your food.

If you like plastic that is fine, just make sure it is BPA free.

You can buy plastic containers in bulk and they do store easier since they stack inside of each other neatly.

If you are on a budget or tight on storage space then buy a set of 20 BPA free containers and toss them when they crack or show signs of wear.

I also LOVE Stasher bags. They are silicone and you can store veggies and fruits. They are freezable, washable, microwavable and you can submerge them in boiling water to reheat or cook Sous Vie. You can find them in Target and on Amazon easily.

I have a printable sheet of Meal Prep 101 in my previous blog post HERE for you to use for FREE!

I cannot say it enough, preparation is key! You CAN make meal prep easy. Stop stressing and just go for it! That one to two hours in the kitchen on Sunday or Monday will save you on average 3-5 hours during the week! Imagine what else you could get done!?!?! Any questions, comment below!

Happy prepping!

~ KC ~