Low-Cal Gluten-Free Cosmo


Low-Cal Cosmo With A Twist - My Gluten-Free, sugar slashing cosmo that leaves you feeling like Carrie Bradshaw on her best day!

The cosmo. Made famous by ‘Sex In The City’ the Cosmo is a simple, fun yet classic drink. With a zillion twists over the years [ pun intended ]… the basic cosmo is a true crowd pleaser. With refined palettes, and increasing food sensitivities, the demand for more gut friendly recipes is on the rise. People want a drink you can feel like you are indulging in while still watching your waistline. So I decided to sub in two calorie saving hacks to bring you a cosmo that is not only more gut-friendly, but also lower in calories and sugar than it’s classically celebrated sister!

KC’s GF Low-Cal Cosmo:

2 oz Cirrus Potato Vodka

1 oz cranberry juice

1/2 squeezed lime

3 drops Sweet Leaf Orange Liquid Stevia

The “twist” in this cocktail is using FRESH citrus in stead of bottled and using a flavored stevia in stead of a higher calorie orange liquor. I also try to use potato vodkas [ Cirrus, Chopin ] instead of wheat. If you have ANY type of intolerance this makes a HUGE difference! A corn vodka is also good [ like Tito’s ], but corn can still cause issues for A LOT of people! Also when buying your juices, read the label! Most have TONS of preservatives! You can find pure cranberry juice in the juice or healthier aisles of your grocery store. Look for the ONE-INGREDIENT juices folks! It may cost a buck more, but the benefits are WORTH IT!

Full recipe in my YouTube video HERE.

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KC’s Low Cal GF Cosmo [ Image and video courtesy of View It Do It ]

KC’s Low Cal GF Cosmo [ Image and video courtesy of View It Do It ]