KC On Food | Pistachio Milk Creamer

Have you ever actually read the labels of your flavored coffee creamer? If you take a minute to compare you will see tons of them with preservatives, carrageen and fake flavors (NEWS FLASH the “natural flavors” are FAR from natural too!). After learning my system cannot tolerate all of that crap I wanted to make a creamer that was gut friendly, easy to make and cost less. You can make this recipe with cashews or almonds too! I just prefer pistachios! ENJOY! You can watch me whip it up on YouTube HERE


Don’t waste your money!

Real food always wins when it comes to your health!

Pistachio Milk Creamer:

1/2 cup Pistachios

2 cups water

1 Tbs Vanilla

1 Tsp Cinnamon

Stevia optional to sweeten

I love this consistency. If you are doing a Whole 30 you can leave out the sweetener and extract and use dates and vanilla beans instead! There are so many options when it comes to nut milks! You CAN make your own! Why buy stuff filled with crap when you can have it fresh at home?!??!?!? This keeps for 4-6 days in the fridge. Cheers to your health… and your coffee! LOL