KC on Food | Delicious + Easy Pistachio Pesto

What is better than a fresh sauce that adds tons of flavor and is good for you? Well, I’m sure there are a few things… but this is kinda the bomb! LOL

My Pistachio Pesto recipe came from a desire to find a gut friendly sauce that was quick and easy to make. This is a way to pack in more nutrients, easy to digest ingredients AND no preservatives! I love using this for meal prep since a little bit goes a long way and it adds easy flavor to zoodles, noodles or even proteins!

Here’s what you need to do! This should only take 5 minutes to make too! BOOM!

Pistachio Pesto


1/2 cup Pistachios

1/2 - 1 cup Basil

2 cups of Spinach

2-4 oz Parmesan (optional)

2-4 oz Olive Oil (if sauce is thick add more or water until blended)

How to Make It:

Throw everything in a blender and slowly add olive oil until blended.

YUP! That is IT!


So give it a whirl! You can sub out pistachios for cashews or walnuts, add more or less basil….. so many options! That is why I create recipes that YOU can adapt for your needs. We are all at different stages of diets and you know your food sensitivities so don’t be afraid to modify! This recipe is good without the extras too so if you are non-dairy just cut out the cheese, trust me… it will still taste good! Or use some nutritional yeast instead! If you ever have a question shoot me a message! I am happy to help out!

I love to pair this sauce with my Bison Meatballs and Zoodles for meal prep and dinners! LOVE IT!

See how to make them HERE

Cheers to healthy eats that taste amazing! ~ KC ~

Try this pesto with a twist to add some flavor to your prep! I modified this recipe to be packed with flavor and gut friendly for your system. Give it a whirl in the blender and as always you can swap our the pistachios for cashews or walnuts too!