KC on Food | ZOODLES! My go to staple for meal prep!

Oodles of Zoodles! YES! Let’s celebrate the spiralized veggies that complete changed the game for low-cal pasta alternatives shall we! Getting a Spiralizer many, many years ago changed the game in my kitchen. Now, faux noodles are easily accessible at your local grocery store!


I wanted to share my fave ways to use them and how to store and cook them for meal prep. It depends on the veggies of course but I am going to focus on the most popular, the zucchini squash noodle = ZOODLES!

Rule #1 Size matters. Yup, I went there. You want to find veggies that have a straight shape and a decent thickness. This allows for an even zoodle and a consistent result.

Rule #2 The soggy factor. Keep in mind Zuchinni and Yellow Squash both contain a lot of water. The most important step to keeping your noodles firm is to make sure you really dry them out. Place them evenly on a paper towel. then cover with another layer or two and press down evenly throughout! Repeat until the paper towels are dry.

Rule #3 Meal prep. If you plan on using them for meal prep DO NOT COOK THEM. Just simply toss them in sauce and seasonings and place them in the containers. This ensures they stay firm when you reheat them and don’t fall apart! NO SOGGY ZOODLES! LOL!

Rule #4 Storage. You can store them in the fridge for up to a week, again make sure you dry them out and store them in an air tight container. You can also freeze them! Just follow rule #2 and then pack them up in a stasher bag or storage container and then you can just pull them out anytime you need them!

Rule #5 HAVE FUN! Experiment. Try new veggies! This type of presentation makes veggies fun and can also help you get your kids to eat more of them! Play around with sizes and textures and know that you are saving hundreds of calories by doing so!

Right now I have a spiralizer from William Sonoma, but the one I would recommend is the one by the woman behind Inspiralized. You can check it out HERE. Don’t be fooled by knock offs! I love her product because you do not need to switch out blades, they are all conveniently there for you, you just rotate the knob on the side. They offer the best options and the setup is much easier! The other brands have blades you change out and work well but I am all about ease of use and for a few bucks more I highly recommend that one. Seriously this is the best bang for your buck in the kitchen coming in at around 30 bucks!

HAPPY ZOODLING friends! Comment below with YOUR favorite combos! I would love to get some fresh ideas too! I am also sharing my YouTube video below paired with my amazing Bison Meatballs and Pistachio Pesto!

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Oodles of Zoodles! The best way to cut tons of calories and enjoy your veggies in a fun way! Spiralizing is a trend that is not going away! It is a staple for those trying to cut down on carbs, go Gluten-Free or even Keto.