Are you missing out on free followers? My top tips to boost your reach...

Hey there friends!

Let’s face it, Social Media reigns supreme when it comes to getting you or your business out there. But did you know that you are missing out on free followers every time post? Last night I spoke on my social media habits and the three things I do in (almost) every Instagram story to reach more people in key cities. I also spoke on the one thing you should be doing weekly on Facebook to gain more followers.

When it comes to winning on social media you need to stick to these basic rules…. be CLEAR, be CREATIVE, be CONSISTENT. Algorithms make it hard to land your post in front of everyone so you need to create a culture on your page. Engage, ask questions and remember quality over quantity!

For Instagram users, these are the three things you need to do in EVERY post. IG storiy views have quadrupled in the past two years. Most IG users see up to triple the engagement or views versus posts on your page. That being said you need to post in your stories as often as possible. You can maximize on that reach by making sure you do the following three things when you post (I recorded the process for you in my YouTube video HERE)

  1. Add a location to every post (Geotagging) pick key cities you WANT to be seen in

  2. Tag a person or business - make sure the name is underlined so they can share your story

  3. Add a hashtag - pick one for stories and 3 - 20 for posts

For Facebook users you need to be sure you are posting any updates that are useful for your target audience. Using great photos and videos help with engagement and do a Facebook Live whenever you can! Avoid posting links in every post (they won’t get seen as much) and ask questions that your followers can answer! The cost per like on sponsored content is cheaper on Facebook overall and 80% of our population is on Facebook so even if engagement is low you are still reaching SOMEBODY!. I also follow a rule that I call Social Media Monday. I go back through all of my posts every Monday and make sure I like or comment on what people said. ENGAGEMENT IS KEY! Also I invite new friends from my posts that week by going through the “likes” on that post, see how in my YouTube video HERE!

Here’s a closer look at the numbers IG vs. FB:


  • 1 billion monthly users

  • 500+ million daily users

  • Over 4 billion likes a day

  • The average users like approx 8 posts a day

  • IG > Facebook for overall engagement

  • Geotagging boosts posts up to 80%

  • IG story views quadrupled in two years


  • 2 billion monthly users

  • Over 1 billion daily users

  • Facebook still has the highest overall numbers

  • Facebook Live videos create high engagement

  • Users log on 8 times a day on average

So get social, connect, follow, like, comment, ask for help!

As long as you stay true to your brand and focus on useful, fun content you will see results!