KC On Food | High Protein Tuna Salad!

If you are looking to change the game on your tuna salad here is my go to recipe that even my kids love! It packs in tons of extra protein and healthy fats along with the type of tuna I use and why! This recipe delivers just over 30 grams of protein and approx. 500 calories!


Protein Packed Tuna Salad:

1 Wild Planet pole caught tuna

1 Small Avocado

1 Plain Greek Yogurt 5-6 oz

1 tsp Mustard

Garlic Salt


The secret to my tuna salad is using plain greek yogurt and avocados! It makes it even creamier, helps with your gut health and provides a major dose of protein and healthy fats to keep you full and build muscle. I keep it super simple and add in a dash of mustard, a few shakes of garlic salt, pepper and Viola! DONE! Yes, sometimes less is more! Why complicate your food? Keep it simple!

TUNA: When comes to canned tuna, labels matter. I only use tuna in a can that is sustainable and eco-friendly. I like Wild Planet, but most labels say low mercury or sustainable OR go with a fresh piece of tuna from the store and cook it up before hand so it has time to cool down. You need to READ YOUR LABLES! Pole caught, low-mercury tuna makes a difference! It is sustainably caught and is not that much more money for a better quality product.

YOGURT: When it comes to subbing in yogurt for mayo I prefer Siggi’s Plain Yogurt overall. The others brands work as well but some have a denser consistency and that helps with the consistency of the tuna salad. Regardless, go for the high protein plain yogurt. If you are a BIG mayo fan try to find one with real ingredients like Primal Kitchen or Chosen Foods.

AVOCADOS: I try to pick out avocados that are already ripe and use them right away. Go for the “longer” and “bumpier” guys, they tend to have a smaller seed! If you are keeping this recipe for a few days I suggest forgoing the avocado until eating since it will turn more brown. Of course the taste is fine, but we all know how we are about brown avocados! LOL.

MUSTARD: Use your fave! Some folks love the bitterness of dijon while other like the tang of yellow! I prefer a honey mustard personally! It all depends on your personal fave and all of them will work!

SEASONINGS: Pick a good garlic seasoning, no fillers! Or use a good salt, pepper and add in garlic seasoning separately. Jus keep them simple and clean! Truffle salt is good at times too!

Those are my top tips for this recipe! If you love mayo go for it! Just chose an organic mayo made with JUST real ingredients! I just like to get in extra protein! This recipe yields around 30g of protein per serving! Plus you feel full and satisfied! Top a bed of cucumber ribbons with a scoop of the tuna for a refreshing lunch or use your fave veggies to dip! My kids love crackers or a good old fashion sandwich! I use a high fiber bread for them! I prefer Ezekiel bread! If you have ANY questions on brands drop a comment below!

Enjoy! ~ KC ~