Whole 30 {ish}, Why My "Cheat Meals" Had To Happen......

I’m renaming this month Whole 22. LOL.

Why? I didn’t follow it on the weekends, here’s my take….

OK, before you even say it….. yes, I know Whole 30 means the WHOLE 30 days. Welp, that just wasn’t working for me. I followed the Whole 30 for the first 5 days to honestly test how my body responded. For those of you who haven’t tried it yet let me enlighten you. The basic purpose of this type of elimination diet is to understand how much certain foods effects us and help learn what our body reacts to negatively. It is a great tool for someone who needs to know what really causes issues with their bloating, inflammation and gut. It is a great plan that lays it all out for you, giving you the tools to learn about YOUR body without the cost of tests etc. Plus it is so well known now there are thousands of recipes and lists online to follow.

Now to my experience with it…. I personally have done extensive food testing for my own knowledge. I have done Applied Kinesiology, food allergy testing via blood tests, elimination diets and most recently a Ubiome test to understand my gut health even further. The thing is our bodies are all built differently, we react differently and process certain foods better than others. Our bodies are not carbon copies so your nutrition should be specific to you.

The Whole 30 diet is a great place to start to learn how you react to dairy, grains and sugars primarily. We are ALL addicted to these type of foods at some level {whether you want to admit it or not}. Eliminating them completely for an extended amount of time shows you how you really feel with and without them in your diet. Now for me the first week didn’t go that well. Actually it kind of sucked.

I cut out everything and followed the outline to the plan. The result? I didn’t lose a pound, I retained water, my stomach was distended and I had a weird taste in my mouth. I powered though but come Friday I was pretty frustrated. In my prior testing I know I tolerate certain carbs really well, I process them easier through the gut and I also don’t get insulin spikes from sugar like most. By carbs I mean GOOD carbs…. not gluten etc. I decided I was going to get some Sushi [ my usual Friday ritual ] and enjoy the white rice and some sake. [ I already use coconut aminos instead of soy sauce for inflammation reasons which is a recommended Whole 30 sauce FYI ] Alcohol is also a big no-no, but seriously….. it was a weeeeeek for me and I decided to just be a major rule breaker and say screw it. LOL. Real rebel right here, watch out now!

The result, the next morning my water weight went down and I dropped 3 pounds and could see the outline of my abs again. My body swings quite a bit weight wise so losing 3 pounds overnight on my normal diet is nothing new. Have you ever heard the term refeed in the fitness world? Here is the definition:

Definition of refeed

the periodic controlled intake of excess calories usually in the form of carbohydrates typically to improve weight loss during dieting

Now don’t confuse a refeed day with a full throttle eat all the junk food “cheat day”. I put it in the title since that is what most people call it. These are intended to enjoy high-glycemic carbohydrates and to increase the stored form of your body’s primary energy source, glucose. Now I am not saying this works for everyone but I am a big fan of carb-cycling and it works well for me. So with that little “test” out of the way I am going to shift gears this week and add more carbs into my mid-day meals. Some of us start a new “diet” or program and we go super lean or super protein driven, I am also guilty of this! The majority of us NEED balanced macros. The Keto push and everything else is great IF that diet applies to YOU and YOUR body. I need carbs, most of us do. I process them well and I don’t have an issue with a lot of the “banned” foods from the Whole 30 program. There are several foods on the plan that my body reacts highly to though…. i.e. cauliflower, tomatoes, cashews, almonds, chicken, turkey. I can have those food occasionally, but not daily or on a meal prep style diet. They make my stomach hurt and I seriously look like I am 4 months pregnant after eating them. So “healthy” to one person may not be healthy to another.

The plan: I will still try to stick to it - no sugar, alcohol, legumes, dairy etc - during the week. BUT I will be adding in a re-feed day to this program, or two, on the weekends. Side note: I did this with a juice cleanse I did too, I added in certain foods because my body needed more energy sources. It is all about learning what works for your body and is SUSTAINABLE!

So, this is just my point-of-view update on why I cheated and am willing to admit why I did.

I’ve been on strict diet plans before, following them is not the issue. The issue now is that I am very in tune with my body after years of working on my nutrition and I know when things are not working and my bodies needs certain things. I encourage every one of you reading this to invest in some testing. Find a nutritionist and figure out what works. It is a small investment to understand how your body works and will save you years of stress and potential illness.

If you can, try this Whole 30 out. It is easy to follow just harder to stay on top of because you HAVE to be prepared. You also have to focus on what you CAN have vs. what you CAN’T have! My friends at fitbook have some great ideas to help you stay on track, click HERE for their easy recipes and tips. The good thing is you will learn what is causing issues when you start to reintroduce them. Anything that makes you burp, creates stinky gas, IBS issues or even makes you feel lethargic or sore is a food you have trouble with. LISTEN to your body! I am including links of the tests I’ve done most recently and will go into detail on these more through out the year!

So dog me if you want to, I just know this plan was not 100% in the cards and I admit I was doing it just out of curiosity and I was not fully dedicated. I think this, like fitness in general, requires a mindset and I just was not in that mindset.

I think it is important to share our failures along with our successes. I didn’t last the first week. I know why. I will make it work, but I will make it work for me and not get stressed trying! Day by day, week by week, month by month! As long as you are trying to focus on whole foods you are doing something right!


Applied Kinesiology - Teri Cochrane, The Wildatarian Diet, Individual nutrition

Gut Testing - Ubiome

Food Allergy Testing - Local doctors and centers offer this, I did mine through my ENT. Just google and find a center in your area! If not look at a saliva test online. I am going to try a DNA based one soon so look out for that too! [ I will NEVER recommend something I have not tried personally! ]

Nutrition Tips - Find people with EXTENSIVE backgrounds and knowledge of overall food and fitness. If you want some suggestions drop me a message with the area you live and I am happy to help you out if I can!